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Corporate culture
Core philosophy: Personnel pursuit into company’s long-term development
Corporate energy: Integrity, unity, innovation, and efficiency
Business style: Serious, rigorous and active
Code of conduct: coequality, trust, justice, and friendly
Moral norm: Integrity is the best policy
Highest tenet: Build a famous brand in the industry; promote coating cultures of China

Our five standards:
Efficiency is the precondition for an enterprise to step on the road to survive and further develop constantly in the sharply competitive society.
With the promotion of the Internet, an enterprise’ development is evaluated by the society with its speed, while its survival is mostly subject to the information response.

The rapidly changing social environment demands knowledge to be updated continuously, and the era of knowledge explosion challenges enterprises to their persistent operation and life cycle. Therefore, enterprise culture should be updated constantly and timely. The fresh blood is important to a man, so as the new knowledge to an enterprise. All the enterprise system and function would be aging if only the immediate interests are taken into consideration rather than staff’s training for study and knowledge update.

Market economy brings ever-changing game rules, and thus innovation turns into a permanent subject and corporate mission. Innovation is a task for an enterprise to survive constantly and also closely linked to the enterprise’s life line. It covers knowledge experience structure and control method. HuaWang Coating is updating itself in every aspect all the time to fight for its object, “Build a famous brand in the industry; promote coating cultures of China.”

To form a human environment, like the enterprise’s intellectual property, patent, webpage, and promotion, with value-added intangible assets through technical supervision bureau, patent bureau, the Internet, and other media.

Unceasingly developing productivity requires an enterprise to integrate multiple cultures for complementary resources.

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