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What is the paint

Iron oxide or paint is made of resin and other raw materials used for decoration and protection of the coating materials. The 18th century, because of the linseed oil and the development and utilization of zinc oxide, so that the paint industry is developing rapidly. Of the 20th century, paint adhesion appeared larger, higher gloss, flame retardant, anti-corrosion paint of various colors. But the strict requirements of its construction site, high-VOC, high pollution; great harm to the people, flammable, explosive, and other shortcomings have already unable to meet current environmental protection, pollution, low-carbon environmental requirements!

The face of increasingly serious environmental pollution What can we do?

ZhuHai Lizhou Paint Chemical Co., Ltd. State environmental health as their responsibility and full cooperation with the International Coatings authority to focus development of water-based industrial paint series, solve the water-based paint in the prevailing of the "high cost and poor performance" of the conflict. Company wholly owned independent intellectual property rights, all products passed national product quality and safety certification and international authorities rigorous testing, the products meet European and American standards. Products in addition to domestic sales and export business has been successfully carried out.

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